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For many aspiring artists, oil paint is the preferred medium to work with. With a bit of practice and some knowledge, however, you will soon discover that the benefits of oil paints to paint miniatures far outweigh the disadvantages. Oil paint sets and oil paints kits can be used to create exciting realistic oil paint art. With a knowledge, it is even possible to paint landscapes in oil paints.

Oil paints give artists the ability to create very deep color depth that is very difficult to attain with watercolor or acrylic paints. Oil paints can cover as many as five shades and as many shades as you want. Artists require the most powerful brush to achieve this level in depth and richness of color. Consistency is important because the brush is extremely heavy.

Oil paints have shorter drying times than acrylics, so they are suitable for use on surfaces that are not affected by rapid drying, such as ceramic tile, marble and stone. Oil paints might not be the best choice if your surface is susceptible to scratches. However, if you choose to use a high-quality set of oil paints and avoid using toxic pigments that are not safe they will last longer than acrylics.

Oil paints are less harmful than oil paints watercolor paintings made with oil as they don’t have toxic substances. When working with oil paints, you’re advised to read the label carefully to determine what toxic substances are contained in oil paints. Oil painting projects should be completed using the recommended oil paint colors. Oil paint sets come with an applicator brush that must be used to apply oil paint.

If the surfaces to be painted are going to be used for interior decoration it is essential that you choose the right mixing medium. A latex primer is a very popular blend medium. One example of a primer is latex paint. Another thing to consider is that many oil paints contain oil paint thinner. If you opt for an oil paint set that has a thinner that isn’t specifically designed to work with your particular oil paint, the thinner may cause the pigment to dissolve or the pigment could be spread across the surfaces, creating an uneven painting.

Oil paints are typically easier to mix than watercolors, and they dry faster. But, mixing oil paints requires practice. The pigment load is essential and the drying time is vital and proper lighting and mixing techniques are crucial. However, if you have the proper oil paints set and blending, they will provide outstanding results.

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