A sandpit for State houses with a lid

In the event the lawn in the home or at the cottage is a sandbox, the children will always find some thing to do, since the imagination of the child in the match with sand is absolutely not restricted. Kids and kids older build castles, castles, lepelat kulichiki. Provide them for this chance caring parents could buy or construct their own sandbox. The form of the look of the object of this park can be different, but for dacha children’s sandbox using a cover is the ideal choice, as an extra element of this layout will protect the sand from debris, dirt, and”walks” pets, and rain showers. There are a enormous number of choices for such frames for sand using a lid, and each parent can independently decide what dimensions and from what substances the layout ought to be made, and what original features it needs to have.

Do it yourself

There’s nothing difficult about making a sandbox together with your own hands. To try it, you just must choose its form and the material which you plan on using.

  • The most popular material for producing a structure is timber. It is not difficult to handle, it is durable, environmentally friendly and reasonably priced.
  • Should you choose to use plywood or sawdust boards (OSB) in the construction of the framework, you have to be careful about their moisture immunity, because the material without special treatment quickly loses its attributes in unprotected ailments. The benefit of materials made of shavings and sawdust is the ease of processing, which allows you to cut regions of the construction of almost any shape.
  • The simplest way to make a sandbox for children using their own hands is to put in a framework from a machine tire.

This kind of element of the sandbox for a cover can’t only protect the sand, but also execute some other vital functions Therefore, you can create a sandbox-transformer, in which the cover during the sport baby becomes a comfortable seat or awning to protect against sunlight.

Deciding to construct a children’s sandbox using a lid to the countryside, do not forget about its own aesthetics, beauty. The youngsters are a great deal more intriguing to play not just in the sandbox, however at a bright and unique design filled with sand. Creating interesting playground objects won’t take a lot of time and effort, however staying in them provides a great deal of pleasure to kids.

A simple model with a removable cover

The simplest option to create a sandbox from the country with their hands is the installation of a car wheel tire. This material isn’t especially attractive, but if you make some attempt, you may make an enjoyable, colorful sandbox out of it. To try it, you have to cut all or a part of the rim of the nut on either side and paint the rest of the part with colorful paints. As a pay to protect the sand at this framework, you may use a bit of polyethylene, tarpaulin or plywood, as revealed in the photo. Such a cover, obviously, will not carry any additional functional load, but also will not demand the expense of effort and money.

Important! The cut the tire must be medicated by sanding or additionally protected with a safe material, by way of instance, a parcel of irrigation hose cut lengthwise.

Such sandboxes are extremely simple to create, however, their dimensions will always be restricted by the width of the wheel. At exactly the exact same time, the benefit of such frames for sand is freedom, since if necessary, the design isn’t tough to move from 1 location to another.